Outsourcing Guide Part 4 : Lets do this!

Once, my friend took me to a restaurant in her neighborhood. The restaurant is not in any local Top 10 list nor advertised anywhere. I was skeptical at first but the place had excellent food, good services, beautiful interior and the price was wallet-friendly. I had found a hidden gem.

So you have chosen an outsourcing partner.

Now the final step would be to develop a relationship with your outsourcing partner. Although you can have a short term relationship, the most effective use of outsourcing and the highest ROI comes from a long term relationship.

Most firms feel that once they have found the right outsourcing company the story ends there. Wrong. This is like saying, you have found your perfect love and now you do not have to do anything. It takes two to tango!

In early stages of outsourcing, you will have to manage your “new staffs” and understand the new journey you are undertaking. Start small so it is easier to control the situation and understand your vendor better. If THD was in your shortlisted list then read on to know more about the hidden gem.

Who is THD?

Town House Design (THD) is an outsourcing firm in Nepal providing premium drafting services to clients across the globe. Established as a sister architectural company to a UK architectural firm in 2007, we have grown over the recent years, expanding and building upon our core business of drafting specialist.

We deliver quality assured services through our qualified and technically competent staff who take pride in producing quality drawings under a tight time frame. Our competitive prices ensure you are a step ahead of your competitors and our advanced communication infrastructure ensures you get your documents in time.

Company Overview

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, THD is a leader and one of the pioneers in architecture outsourcing in Nepal.  THD was formed in 2007 with a team of qualified architects and the aim to build on their experience in conservation architecture, much of this on World Heritage sites. Since establishment our team have developed these core skills into a broader portfolio of design services for the construction industry where a knowledge of technical detailing is paramount.

THD is an Architectural Process Outsourcing; primarily know as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).  We specialize in documentation packages for carefully designed and detailed projects throughout the world.

We have English speaking, locally registered architects working in a modern office with proper quality assurance processes and a competitive price plan, THD works closely with its partners to assist them in providing a cost effective professional service.

 The THD Advantage

Because of the conservation experience our architects bring that same discipline of process and quality to all our projects. THD focus on the residential market and in particular technical detail drawings, including all aspects of the construction documents.

By using THD, our partners can focus on their core activities rather than the costs and logistics of resourcing in-house.

We understand that many design professionals see this service as a non-standard working practice and for this reason problematic.  Perhaps the best way of understanding the process is to see it more analogous to the way an architect works with a builder.  We think that this method of working is not for all practices but there are a number of advantages.

The Advantage:

-We work in those design stages which typically are labour intensive and which require a high level of specialist skill, skills which are not on tap in the industry generally

-We partner those practices who do not wish to incur the cost and disruption of recruitment, training and strategy formulation

-Because of this specialty, we are able to reduce cost and time risk and allow our partners to focus on their strengths

Our Promise

THD delivers accurate drawing packages to the budget and timescale! Simple.

The only real way of knowing – is to try it.  We offer a free trial here so you can see whether our service is appropriate for you.

THD also promises to make your outsourcing experience a positive one.

We understand that for those that have had a poor or no experience of working with offices which are external this is a jump in working practice akin to the change from hand drawings to computer aided drafting.

We have been in business now for 5 years so we understand the queries that partners have, such as how do we communicate with each other, how do we deliver information and how are our fees calculated and paid.


Communication is the key to getting all the drawings done in time and as you require. We utilise all communication medium; mail, telephone, email, Skype video conference & live chat, smoke signal and social media. We have to emphasis that we like all, USE advance communication technology as some people think Nepal is only about trekking.

For bigger projects where there is a need for all different trades to communicate with each other, we do know how to use online document management systems e.g. Unionsquare (http://www.unionsquaresoftware.com/).


It is our utmost importance that we ensure the strict confidentiality and security of all data confided to us from the client’s identity to the project description. We are dead serious!

Corporate Responsibility

We also do guest lecture on local Architecture schools about international building standards and safety regulations. This enables the future architects of Nepal to understand international code and practices.

We understand that our market is global and we continue to train our staff in the various regulations and trade practices which pertain.  We are able to work globally because of the focus on one aspect of the business and on one sector.


We are drafting specialist and we have only one service: Drafting.

CAD conversion

We understand that we provide value by not providing a cookie cutter service, each of our partners have their own working practices and methods, we can only add value if we work their way.

We pride our service on being interpretive and proactive, if you don’t have a clear brief, the drawings are nothing more than rough sketches or photographs we can assist. In fact it is our responsibility to obtain your brief and make your job easier.

Outsourcing does not work, if you save time and money on the drawing output, but use all your time trying to explain and then edit the output.

Yes we convert any drawings or doodle to professional CAD format.   Just send us your scanned/photographed drawings via email or mail package and we will get it CAD ready. We will work in accordance with our partners drawing standards.

Work Stages

We are well versed in providing document packages in which ever region our partners operate We can detail from a tap to the whole bathroom to the entire penthouse. From working drawings for furniture design & manufacture as well as setting drawings for specialists, architects & interior designers. Below are the stages we can help you out.

United Kingdom

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stages

–           RIBA Stage D: Scheme Design

–           RIBA Stage E: Detail Design

–           RIBA Stage F: Production Information

–           RIBA Stage G: Tender document


Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) stages

–           Development Application (DA)

–           Construction Approval (CC)

–           Tender Documents and Tendering Process


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Work Phases

–           Phase 3: Design

–           Phase 4: Build


Method of working


In Summary…

Communicate with your vendor

Understand their company better

Understand their working method

In the end have you understood?


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