Time vs Architects

Is Time against you?

Be it small companies or large, take it from us, we know you always have a bigger fish to fry. However are you held back by all the mundane hard works that needs to go into design projects; drafting? Ironically drafting work is the most crucial part of design project as it is needed for planning permission. Due to the time consuming nature of drafting, valuable time which could have been used on other core aspects of architecture are being wasted. As time waits for no one, Prioritization is the key word here. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way to unload some responsibilities of tending to the non-core works and prioritizing your time on more important stuffs?


That’s where we come in.


Who is THD?

THD comes with six outstanding years of specialized drafting services to its belt. Your choice is simple. You want a solution to your drafting dilemma. We listen, we hear and we understand your choice. We understand your choice to look for a better solution. We are your solution. We are your drafting partner.

We have been providing services for purposes of unburdening the clients with secondary works that are important and very much part of the creative process but best handed to a third party. We step in as an essential ingredient so that your works can be completed with precision and quality without getting in your way of creative process.


Outsourcing does not work, if you save time and money on the drawing output, but use all your time trying to explain and then edit the output. Hence we use locally registered architects who have experiences dealing with international clients to minimize communication breakdown or lack of understanding between you and us. Our staff are qualified and technically competent who take pride in producing quality drawings under a tight time frame. They are well versed in English and since most of our staff have worked with international clients, culture difference is not a barrier. Our competitive prices ensure you are getting a good deal and our advanced communication infrastructure ensures you get your documents in time.


We pride our service on being interpretive and proactive, if you don’t have a clear brief; the drawings are nothing more than rough sketches or photographs, we can assist.


Our clients

Our clients are busy and ambitious companies who struggle to accomplish the most tedious job in architecture that consume substantial amount of their time and effort; the drafting. Our clients understand the value of “quality and time” and are ready to unload some of their responsibilities to attain a much quicker result in a much quicker time schedule with the same level of quality desired.


Special offer

We are offering our new clients free 16 hours trial run to gauge our quality and skill and test if the service is appropriate for you.

We understand the difficulty faced by the construction industry in the UK so we are offering an introductory price for your first project at GBP 7 per hour (usual is GBP 9).


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