Stone Drawing Stages

Stage 1: Brief and Estimation (BE)

In this stage we get the brief from the client and estimate the time and cost of the projects.

Witanhurst hours


Stage 2: Take off (TO)

We will take the architect’s drawing and stone schedule to calculate the total area and length of stones used in the project.


1129(22)-L46-13_15-cloak room 1129(22)L46-13_15-01 (1)

Stage 3: Shop Drawings (SD)

In stage 3, we will take the architect’s drawing and re-format it to the Stone Client’s CAD standard and layer. If the stone client do not have their own system, THD will use its own. THD will add additional details in the drawing that architects usually do not put e.g. movement joints, thickness of slabs etc. This drawing will then be sent to Stone Client who will submit them to their clients and architects for review and mark ups. We will revise the drawing if needed until we get the “Approved” status

MC _ 111 _ DI 111MC _ 111 _ DI 111.2

3.1 Survey Drawing (SS)

SS drawings are essential for accurate shop drawings. It will be ideal to get the survey drawing before we start the SD. If we get it after we have done the SD, we will adjust the drawing (if necessary) to fit SD drawings.


3.2 Detail Drawing (DE)

We also produce detail drawings for joinery, skirting, columns etc. These drawings will be useful for fixers on installing stone elements into the rooms.




Stage 4: Cutting Tickets (CS)

This stage will only commence when Stage 3 has been approved. We will produce the cutting tickets for all the stone elements.

Cutting Tickets Outsourcing

Cutting Tickets Outsourcing

Stage 5: Install Drawings (ID)

In this final stage we add setting out dimensions to assist fixers in installing the stones.



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