The THD Advantage

By using THD, our partners can focus on their core activities rather than the costs and logistics of resourcing in-house.

We understand that many design professionals see this service as a non-standard working practice and for this reason problematic. Perhaps the best way of understanding the process is to see it more analogous to the way an architect works with a builder. We think that this method of working is not for all practices but there are a number of advantages.

Take a look at the list below:

  • We work in those design stages which typically are labour intensive and which require a high level of specialist skill, skills which are not on tap in the industry generally
  • We partner those practices who do not wish to incur the cost and disruption of recruitment, training and strategy formulation
  • Because of this specialty , we are able to reduce cost and time risk and allow our partners to focus on theirĀ strength

Our staff are all salaried and undertake Continued Professional Development, Trade CPDs, NHBC, etc.