Method of Working

In layman term:

  1. Send us your documents
  2. We send our proposal
  3. You instruct and we commence
  4. We complete

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Send us your documents

Send us your documents.

It could be a doodle, sketch, photographs, survey drawings, any information to get us started.

Tell us your requirements. We will communicate via email, video conference or telephone to better understand your projects and the requirements.  In this early stage, communication is KEY.

We send you a quotation

After better understanding your project, we will make man-day calculation (note the calculation is based on the work needed to be finished by ONE architect). Remember if we exceed the agreed man-day, the exceeded time is free of charge. The calculation does not include consultation time, this is part of the service!

We are well experienced in agreeing time budget, working against them and delivering within our agreements.  We have an extensive database of previous projects and know how much time a project will take, from large luxurious apartment (4000hours!) to a small farm house (10hours).

Each project has an architect allocated to our partners will contact directly, for the larger projects, you will liaise with a team leader.  You will be provided with a photograph and company CV for the team member you work with.

You instruct and we commence

Please see our terms and conditions of trading, each project is different but payment terms consist of deposit payment, normally 50% on small projects and the balance on completion of the works. Transferring of money to Nepal is a breeze and all our fees are quoted inclusive of bank transfer charges.

Remember that you get a free trial for your first project (for new clients), 16 free hours to judge our quality and service.

For those partners who are unable to provide a definitive brief we charge on a time basis invoiced monthly.

For those partners who which to engage an architect full time, we provide support on a monthly charge out fee.  All costs of travel and accommodation of working outside the office are charged in addition.

We provide billing service if it is required by your company.

We complete

Our office maintains a quality assurance system, all drawings are initial both by the draftsman and by a senior architect who checks the output.

We realize that design is an iterative process and from time to time changes need to be made, we allow for some change and editing by partners within our service, if we feel that the changes will incur costs, we will sign off these with you prior to proceeding.

We are proud of our clean track record for quality documentation and we continually audit our performance, our partners will be contacted during the process to ensure that our service maintains this high level of service.

All documents are sent usually electronically either by email or using a DNS.  If you do need hard copy, we can print and send using a DHL tracking service and these costs would be advised to you. For printing costs click here.  If for any reason you require hard copy documents more urgently, we can arrange for a printer service local to you to print and deliver the document to your office or site.

Upon completion of our service, we require payment of the balance of the fee. But the story does not end here.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost importance. We always welcome any feedback of anything for anything. Contact our Partner representatives for any feedback or just simply to say “Good Job!” A pat on the back is always nice.